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What we do

We maximize your transaction

  • Mergers and Acquisitions When you are ready to sell your company, we make sure you find the best possible buyer and help you optimize terms and valuation. When you are ready to buy a company, we help you identify opportunities and successfully close the deal at the right price. 
  • Private EquityOur track-record from private transactions has given us the tools, knowledge and innovative approach to significantly increase the chances of success in both sell-side and buy-side situations. We can also help you find opportunities through our vast network of owner-led companies. 
  • Surprise OffersWe help you assess the offer and advise on the next step. Whether it is negotiating and finding a way forward with the existing buyer or adding competitive pressure by involving other potential buyers, we take the tough negotiations and ensure you keep good relations with all prospective buyers.
  • Strategic AdvicePlanning an exit properly can make a great difference as you are able to optimize timing and prepare the Company by turning every stone before the process, thereby increasing the chances of success.
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Where we excel

Our focus sectors

  • SaaS & Technology

    Software is transforming the way business is done and reshaping industries on a global basis
  • E-commerce and Digital Media

    The rise of internet and mobile communication continues to have a profound impact on our everyday lives
  • Tech Enabled Services

    By embracing the transformations that technology brings, unique products and services are created at an astonishing pace 
  • Healthcare IT and Services

    The future of a functioning healthcare system is dependent on innovative and ground-breaking solutions and services

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What our customers say

We are proud of our work

HDR gave a serious and competent impression from the first meeting until we signed and closed the transaction. You immediately got the sense that you were working with a team that knew how to manage a transaction and could therefore be one step ahead, something that proved to be true. I also noted that HDR has a good reputation with the potential acquirers, lawyers, banks and other stakeholders which also facilitated the process. The team managed to create the smoothest process possible with high transparency and high integrity. This facilitates the transaction for both buyers and sellers and increases the chances of reaching a successful outcome. The team had a continuous high engagement during all hours of the day and pushed the transaction forward at all times. We always had the sense that the team were as keen on reaching a successful outcome as we were and a result that both the buyer and the seller would be happy with.

Oscar Rudby

Co-Founder of Draftit

Excellent experience. We felt that HDR was fully on top of the process and was able to set our expectations right and lead us through the process. HDR surpassed our expectations in all aspects of the deal including drafting of documentation, thinking ahead and preparing, being at our side every step of the way to preparing us for dialogues with potential buyers. HDR made us feel secure through high level of competence and we set praise in your candidness and integrity when advising us on important matters. That, coupled with a focus firmly set on closing the deal. We are pleased to have chosen to work with HDR and would gladly recommend others to do the same.

Peder Nordvaller

Co-founder and CTO of &Frankly

I’m super pleased with HDR and how they supported me during the entire sales process, from our first meeting to closing of our transaction. I got a great deal and found the right investor that I needed to take PS of Sweden to the next level. So I want to say thank you to the HDR team – I couldn’t have done it without you!

Karin Bjärle

Founder and CEO of PS of Sweden

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100 transactions
over 15 years