E-commerce and Digital Media


July 2013


AcadeMedia is the largest education company in Sweden with sales of SEK 5.125 million. Academedia has operations within pre- and compulsory school, upper secondary school and adult education. The company operates approximately 330 schools and adult education units across Sweden and has 52,000 students and 30,000 adult participants.


KompetensUtvecklingsInstitutet is an adult education company within health care services and pre-schools. It offers adult education on upper secondary level, educations for corporates and organizations, work-training as well as open education and conferences. KompetensUtvecklingsInstituted has sales of SEK 70 million.


JB Education was a Swedish education company owned by Axcel, a Danish Private Equity investor. JB Education went into receivership in June 2013.


A structured auction process directed towards key industrial buyers.