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Mama Mia!

February 2018


Nordstjernan is a family-controlled investment company whose business concept is to develop companies through active ownership and create long-term value growth through an increase in net asset value. Nordstjernan currently has shareholdings in some 20 listed and unlisted companies with head offices in the Nordic region. In total, Nordstjernan’s holdings generate sales in excess of SEK 100 billion and have approx. 60,000 employees. Nordstjernan’s largest owner is the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Public Benefit.


Founded by Christina Wahlström in 1988, Mama Mia is an independent maternity and child healthcare provider operating seven units in Stockholm and Malmö, as well as primary care via two units in Stockholm under the brand To Care. Mama Mia has grown rapidly in recent years generating sales of approx. 200 MSEK in the previous fiscal year with just over 170 employees.


The founding Wahlström family, whom will remain as shareholders in the holding company consisting of both Lideta’s and Mama Mia’s operations.


Structured auction process with both industrial and financial buyers.