SaaS & Technology

Eskilstuna Dynamics

October 2023


Pamica is a Sweden-based private equity house that invests in private small- and medium-sized companies in Sweden. Target companies are typically family owned or owned by the founder, are well-managed with a track-record of profitability and have a clear and outlined growth agenda. Building on close relationships and board engagement, Pamica partners up with the founding entrepreneurs and bring industrial expertise, business know-how and commitment to realise long-term growth, efficiency improvements and margin expansions to make good companies prosper.


Eskilstuna Dynamics (“EDAB”), founded in 2021, manufactures and sells software and hardware solutions used in target systems at shooting ranges in primarily the US. Through extensive R&D endeavours EDAB has become a technology-pioneer with its leading robot product Wireless Target Retriever, a moving target controlled by proprietary software and control system. EDAB’s product portfolio enriches the shooting experience through engaging and real-life simulations to train and educate the user.


Eskilstuna Dynamic’s founders


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