SaaS & Technology

Jay Solutions

February 2023


Bas Invest, a Swedish small- and mid-market investment company, invests in Nordic companies with proven business models. Bas Invest is a long-term investor with an operational approach in which they work closely together with management to contribute with industry knowledge and transaction experience.


Jay Solutions is a leading Finnish SaaS provider of independent wealth analysis and reporting solutions in the Nordics. Building on proprietary data, coupled with 3rd party data, Jay Solutions provides an enriched and uninterrupted portfolio overview, decomposable down to the respective constituents. The solution enables its users to uncover new dimensions of their portfolio to elevate accuracy in decision-making and to develop investment strategies. Further The Company has c. 20 employees and an annual revenue growth of c. 35%, reaching c. EUR 2 million in 2022.


CapMan Plc, Founders and other Key employees. CapMan is a leading and publicly listed Nordic private equity firm with offices across Europe. With more than EUR 5 billion in assets under management and an active investment approach building on local and specialized teams, CapMan has developed hundreds of businesses and real estate assets during the past 30 years.


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