SaaS & Technology


August 2021


Storskogen, founded in 2012, acquires and develops well-managed and profitable small and medium-sized companies with leading positions in their respective markets. At the end of the Q1 FY21, Storskogen consisted of 70 business units with approximately 4,600 employees with a turnover of c. SEK 10 billion.


Viametrics, founded in 1994, is a leading international provider of people counting and analytics solutions. The Company offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions combining software, hardware, installation, and support. Viametrics’ SaaS and HaaS offering enables customers to track real-time visitor data, monitor people flow, track key metrics, and analyze visitor behavior. The Company reported revenues of approximately SEK 50 million in 2020 with an operating margin of more than 30%.


Ceder Capital (“Ceder”) is a Swedish investment company that, together with management, invests in primarily Swedish and Finnish companies with a turnover of between SEK 50-450 million. Ceder acts as an active support to company managements in enforcing value-creating initiatives and additional acquisitions. Since 2013, Ceder has made c. 10 platform investments as well as c. 30 add-on acquisitions.


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